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Custom Links is build by Jasper Stein en Jorrit Stein, two brothers from Friesland, the Netherlands. Since we are part of the digital generation we have witnessed something terrible in the past decade: companies spreading the brand names of other companies over the internet. As we say in Dutch: "It's really an thorn in the eye for us". The tragedy of such great brands not being able to make optimal use of their communication efforts. This should stop immediately.

That’s why we have decided to make a stand. We will dedicate our lives to the improvement of short links. We offer brands a tool for creating branded short links and measuring the results. We will change the future of the URL landscape. Spreading links will never be the same again. Our service will change how brands practice their marketing. Moreover, it will change how people perceive the brands. Our service will make you understand your costumer and the customer will love your brand. The world will be a much better place with Custom Links.

No, the above is a bunch of nonsense. But in fact, with our background in Marketing and Computer Science we do find it strange that brands rather spread, or fuzzy long URLs across the web instead of a short link with their own branded domain. Besides that, we believe that brands can get more value and insights out the link data. That’s why we have created Custom Links. A simple and user friendly brand tools for URL shortening and measuring link performance. We believe in the power of the branded short link and the value of the analytics behind the web link.

With Custom Links we enrich marketers with a tool which optimizes their use of links and empower managers to make better decisions by providing insights into the internet.

In the future we will continuously improve our tool so we can provide the best service. With our network and knowledge in marketing and information we believe we have a strong foundation to be a strong partner for brands. Please contact us if you have questions or advice. We are always willing to discuss how to further improve our service.

KVK number: 64302032
VAT identification number: NL855606526B01

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