Custom Links


Shortner example

Url shortener

Shorten and brand the links you share. Branded short links are nice, clean and ready to be shared across all marketing channels.

Statistics example

Analytics dashboard

Keep track of your links as they travel across the internet. Get real-time and detailed insights into link performances with our extensive analytics reports. Understand who is clicking on your link and engaging with your site. Segment your statistics by time period, location, referrer, device, campaign and more!

Team login example

Team management

Use your account in a way that suits your company structure and workflow. We provide a team login so everyone in the organization can simultaneously create, manage, control and measure links.

Devices example


Create, monitor and manage your links from all available devices.

Extension example

Browser extension

Instantly create, save and copy branded short links in your browser. Shorten and brand long URLs with one simple click.



Complete URL customization

Modify every part of the link to fully meet the requirements of your brand.

Shorter URLs

The shortness of branded short links make them highly useful in communications across all marketing channels.

Trustworthy URLs

Boost confidence in your distributed URLs by replacing meaningless URLs, such as or, with branded URLs.


Enhance brand awareness with a branded short link. Personalize and elevate your brand presence on social media. Make your links visible and recognizable to your audience.

Brand advocates

Generate your own brand representatives when people share or retweet your link. Encourage brand promotion and reinforcement.

Professional appearance

Give your brand a professional look by sharing nice and clean links.

Boost traffic

Drive up the click-through rate of your link. Branded short links reinforce your brand and boost confidence in the link.

More statistics

Track everything from the number of clicks on each link per day, to the social channels shared through, to the geographies of users engaging with your links.

Quickest way to share links

The combination of provided functionalities makes our platform the easiest and most efficient way to create and manage branded short links.


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Custom Links

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